At the exact same time we appoint a file system to this partition, we will certainly additionally slice up the USB flash drive to produce numerous dividings. Click the unallocated room on your screen, this is represented by the diagonal grey lines. Select New Simple Volume from the options offered. This is where you will enter the dimension of your initial dividing. In this example, I am utilizing a 2GB flash drive (1,896 MBs) as well as will certainly make a first dividers of 500MBs. The remainder of the wizard utility is straight and auto-populated ahead. The wizard will ask if you want a specific drive letter appointed to the dividing once the process is done.

The wizard energy will certainly ask you what documents system you desire this new partition. If you are not sure, simply leave the auto-populated choice from Windows. TIP: If you want the double dividing USB drive to also operate in Mac computer systems, make sure to format the drive as ExFAT, fat or fat32. Do not utilize NTFS, as Mac computer systems will just review the web content, but you can not contact the device. Make certain to set a volume name to the tool so the dividing (brand-new drive letter) will be very easy to recognize.

Click Finish for Windows to make this very first dividers rufus. We are almost done, as the first dividing was just made. Once the wizard has closed you will certainly currently see the gadget with one partition and also your documents system and also a balance of the drive as unallocated, looking in Disk Management. Rinse as well as Repeat. Do the very same actions as over for this smaller unallocated memory space. After the 2nd pass using the dividing wizard for Windows you will have a double dividers USB drive with 2 drive letters. Each USB flash drive letter will work and also show up like a normal, solitary flash drive.

Usb Drive At The Equipment Degree, Or Controller Level

The above tutorial makes things very easy to dividing a USB flash drive right into multiple drive letters, this approach is not irreversible. There is an approach to dividing a USB at the hardware level. In order to partition a USB drive at the equipment degree, or controller level, you will need some certain controller chips, and the vendor regulates to arrangement the partitions. These tools are not easily available as there are numerous chip makers as well as countless USB distributors. Nonetheless some US based firms have tools for service to service type applications.